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Submitting Press ReleasesI found an interesting article on Matt Bacack blog MattsMarketingBlog and I copy it below for your convenience

Hi everyone,

In this post I’ll be dicussing another way to get some great backlinks to your sites, which is by writing and submitting press releases.

Press releases are very similar to submitting articles to article directories for links, however the angle is slightly different.

The idea behind a press release is that the content you submit, needs to have some form of news in it. I struggled to understand how I could write an article about my affiliate sites and make it sound news worthy for a long time, so I just didn’t bother much with it.

However now, when I build a new site, I realized that in itself is kind of news worthy, even if only in my little world! So I write the article/press release explaining that a NEW site has arrived on the scene and is helping people to find the best deals on XYZ. That’s just one idea, I’m sure you can come up with other ways to write news into your articles.

You can creative with it, just make sure you don’t try and submit a regular product review style article, otherwise the press release site might just ignore it and not pubish it on their site.

My goal when submitting press releases, is to get backlinks to your web pages, so don’t forget to place anchor text links back to these pages somewhere in the press release.

In saying that I have actually made some sales, not many though, not enough to bother focusing on it for sales anyway, from submitting press releases, because sometimes other sites grab the press release and publish it also, and so you get more mileage out of each submission.

I’ve also noticed that not all press release sites have the same rules, much like article directories, so be sure to read the submission guidelines first and stick to the rules.

I don’t use software to submit to these kind of sites, because I simply haven’t come across anything decent that does the job I need, so my team and I just submit manually to sites we find. Here’s a few sites we are submitting to:


Press Expose (PR 3)

Health (PR 3)

That’s it for this week tip on submitting press releases.



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