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Are There Only 3 Article Submission Sites Worth Submitting To?

Published By Steve Shaw   Here’s a question I received recently that we’ve been covering in detail these last few posts: I keep hearing contradictory evidence about article marketing. Some say it works, some say it doesn’t. Some say there’s only three directories worth submitting to. Still others say it’s a waste because they Read more

Article Marketing Strategies: Is Your Website Topic Too Broad?

Article Marketing Strategies Published By Steve Shaw Look for golden nugget niches… Here’s an interesting question that I received from a reader recently: I have a question relating to my site and the article marketing strategies that I’m using. I started off targeting natural alternative medicines and therapies and had no idea what I Read more

Article Marketing Tips: The 3 Most Common Beginner Mistakes

Published by Steve Shaw Take heart, beginners–you will grow into those shoes. When you are first starting to do article marketing, you are like a toddler who is trying to walk in his father’s shoes. You want very badly to know everything there is to know, to do things the way they should be done, […] Read more

Marketing With Articles: How to Document Sources Used in a Free Reprint Article

Here are some ways to document sources and avoid plagiarism in your online articles. Whenever you are writing an article where you have employed research from other sources, you need to document those sources in your articles. This is true when you are writing offline research papers and also when you are writing articles used […] Read more

Article Marketing Tips – What is an Article Writing Niche?

Are you a specialist? When beginners are looking for article marketing tips, probably the first question they ask is, “What should I write about?” My answer is always the same: You should write about your general niche–the general topic of your website. Let’s say that you are a dentist and your website is for your […] Read more