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There is so much information out there about choosing a niche that you are being forced to believe you can just go out and cherry-pick anything you want from some website like Yahoo Answers, and instantly start pulling down 6 figures. It doesn't work like that, as you've probably found out by now! Every niche is different, in some there is so much room to profit then you can make money even when you get things wrong, in most then you can't profit even when you do things right.

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My Instant Ecovers

Selling digital products on the Internet is growing lucrative, but also competitive by the minute. And if you want your product to stand out from the rest and have massive appeal, what better way than to have your own slick, professional E-Cover? Unlike tangible products, digital products cannot be touched or felt. So having a professionally designed E-Cover is the only way you can make your product visually appealing and attractive. Because the truth is… FACT: People Do Judge A Book By Its Cover! It's just as important as making a first impression. Yes, a persuasively written sales copy plays an important role in selling your digital product to your prospects. But if your product doesn't have a professional E-Cover, what are your chances of making the sale? I trust you know the answer to that one…

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    "The Distinguished Delegator" How To Easily Find, Interview & Hire The Most Productive Employees To Lighten Your Workload!

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    Video Optimization

    1. Make sure that your video clips are relevant and informative – For starters, ensure that your video provides useful and informative information. Videos that demonstrate step by step procedures are great, videos that express an opinion about a specific topic can be useful too. Videos that have nothing to do with your brand or service offering or are general or vague in nature will just confuse your audience. Save the viewer the trouble and don’t just upload a video for the sake of uploading a video.

    2. SEO Video Optimization Fundamental Tip #1:
    Give your video a Catchy Title – Video can be used to bring visitors to your site. One way to get users to view your video is to give it a catchy title that contains a related key phrase that is relevant to your product, service or brand.

    3. Use Video as a Portal to other Content on Your Site – Upload a couple of videos to portals like YouTube and provide links back to related content and other videos on your site.

    4. SEO Video Optimization Fundamental Tip #2: Optimize your video for Important Key Phrases – You might want to optimize your video for terms users are likely to be searching for. Tag your video with these terms, consider naming the file name of the video with these terms in mind.

    5. Provide Transcripts of your Videos – Good old HTML content is still a favorite with the search engines. If you want your video to rank well, you need to give the search engines something to index and rank. Surround your videos with onpage copy that can be indexed by the search engines.

    6. Keep Your Videos to five minutes or less – there is nothing worse than a boring video that goes on an on. If you have video content that is of long duration, consider breaking it up into smaller pieces and tag each accordingly. Not only does this make for better viewing pleasure, it also keeps the user looking for more.

    7. Make use of a Video Sitemap –
    For video that is native to your own website, make sure that users and search engine spiders can find your video content. The easiest way to do this is through the use of a video sitemap on your site. Use important keywords in the anchor text links to your videos featured on your video sitemap.

    8. SEO Video Optimization Fundamental Tip #3: Tag Your Videos –
    tag your videos with key phrases that are reflective of the content.

    9. Brand your Video with your Logo – Video is a great tool to generate brand awareness with your prospects. Take advantage of this by incorporating your brand in your videos.

    10. SEO Video Optimization Fundamental Tip #4: Remember Inbound Linking Factors – Link to videos using important keywords in anchor text.

    11. Offer the Option to Embed Your Video – allow other users access to the coding that will allow them to embed your video on their website or their blog. Think viral marketing

    12. SEO Video Optimization Fundamental Tip #5:
    Add Descriptive Meta Data – optimize your video for relevant keywords and include a keyword rich description of your video content.

    13. Allow Users to Rate your Video – videos that receive higher ratings from users are the ones that users tend to favorite and save. You can bet that the search engines will pay attention to this when ranking these videos.

    14. Syndicate Your Video – Submit your video to RSS.

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    One Day Product Creation

    If you are tired of watching everyone else make all of the money online then you absolutely must start creating your own [products, instead of just promoting theirs as an affiliate.

    Read below to learn how you can create your own product with less than 24 hours of work using my simple step by step system… Now you can do it on your own with an easy step by step formula.


    Learn exactly how the big marketing Guru's create product after product for their big launches.

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