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Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting 

When you decide to create your own website, you must give it a name (called Domain name), check if the name is available and request the domain name registration with an authorised Domain name registration service.

You must then choose a web hosting for your domain. You could set up your own server as explained in Install-your-own-dedicated-server, but usually people look for external web hosting services.

There are many companies which offer  Web Hosting and Internet Services.

It is important to choose an affordable and reliable web hosting. Your website must run on a good webhost.

You should evaluate not only the costs, but also the web space available, the server speed, the allowed monthly traffic,  the supported technologies, the administration tools (ftp and/or web based),  the Webhosting services and Internet services (e.g. technical support, email services, subdomains, dns, PHP, MYSQL, E-Commerce features, Website building tools, Marketing tools, Website templates   etc).

If in future you might need additional domains, Webhosting companies which offer unlimited domains should have  a preference. It is possible o change your host as explained in How-to-change-Website-Host.

You might also  prefer to have all your domains registered with a separate company which provides Domain Name Services.

You will find below some good suggestions:

GoDaddy offers mainly Domain Name registration services. It allows you to check the availability of a domain name by a domain name search, to register it and to renew the registration before the expiration date.

Domain-suggestions is a useful service which helps to find available Domains which include one or more words of your choice.

Website Hosting  offers good information and suggestions on web site hosting

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