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Buyer KeywordsI copy below an interesting article by Matt Carter.

One of the best lessons I learned in my career as an internet marketer, was how to find customers that are ready to buy online.

The way you do this, is through the keywords these buyers use when they search online. In this post I’ll be giving you some great tips on buyer keywords.

Before I give you a list of buyer keywords, I first want to explain the sales process online, so you can understand the thinking behing buyer keywords, and come up with more yourself.

When someone is thinking of buying something online, let’s say for example they are considering buying a new TV, then they may first initiate their search with keywords such as “best TV’s” or “TV reviews”. These keywords can make money, but really, people typing these kind of keywords into Google are still in the research mode and not ready to pull out their credit card yet.

Let’s continue with the example, after typing in “best TV’s” the person may find some sites that explain that the best TV’s are LCD’s as they last longer than plasma’s perhaps. So now the searcher is set on an LCD, but they still don’t know what LCD is the best. So what do they do? They type in “Best LCD’s” and continue researching.

This process usually continues on until the user finds the LCD they want, and when they have narrowed it down to the XYZ LCD, they will most likely type into Google “Buy XYZ LCD” or “XYZ LCD review”, and bingo they are now officially a buyer!

This is when you want to get your webpages in their view, so that they can read your articles and click your affiliate link before buying a product. It’s not rocket science, just common sense with buyer keywords!

So with that said here are some buyer keywords that I often use:

low cost
low priced
model numbers
brand names

Another kind of buyer keyword, is where the person is indicating that they have some form of a problem that they need fixed, this is especially true for health problems. For example if someone types into Google: “How to stop snoring” then they have indicated that snoring is a problem, and people tend to be happy to pay for a solution to a problem that is affecting the quality of their lives.


So remember you need a lot less traffic from buyer keywords to make sales than you do from other kinds of keywords, so take the time to target these on your sites, as it pays off big time!

What would be great is to hear from you all, so if you could take the time to comment below and let me know what you think and if you have more great buyer keywords then please list them for us all to share.

Hope that helps,

Matt Carter

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