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TrafficIf you want FREE highly targeted traffic to your site then visit a site called, there are 1000′s of potential customers awaiting your help. It’s completely free and a fantastic place in order to reach potential buyers. The way the site works is people basically post a question on any given subject which they need help in answering, anyone who knows the answer to the question can post the solution, It’s a great free way to ask for help. This opens up the door of opportunity to promote any products you may have to offer which will help the questioner achieve what they want.

Firstly if you go and open and account, go to the home page and browse the categories section, find the niche/category you’re interested in, this will then bring up sub-folders to fine tune your search, select a sub-category and you will see thousands of questions posted, next select a question that you have the answer to and you will see a list of posted solutions.

Let’s say you wish to promote an e-book regarding how to reduce your Golf handicap, go through the sections until you find Golf, then search the questions until you find someone who asks for information or similar on that very subject, select that question and you’ll see all the answers relating to it, then simply promote what you have to offer.

As an example say something like: – Fellow golfer, I’ve hacked my way round the course for years so I know how frustrating it can be, I’ve just read an e-book which has helped me tremendously, I recommend you check it out:- www. Play beta golf, and look for yourself. It’s similar to a resource box when article marketing, don’t try to out and sell what you’re offering, try and be a little subtle.

This may lead to a sale or it may not on this occasion, but regardless of the outcome it will give you another very important strong back link to your website, therefore increasing your optimisation. Also don’t forget anyone who searches the same question at a later date may well see your answer, follow the link making a purchase.

This web site is an extremely powerful tool and should be considered in your marketing strategy, go to and take a look, it connects you to the most highly targeted traffic there is, people asking and waiting for your help.

If you’d like the best highly targeted traffic there is, then this marketing tool isn’t to be overlooked. Ensure to use it as part of your marketing strategy.

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