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Market Samurai is a powerful tool which provides a lot of functions for market research, keyword research, back linking, and content finding.

I have used the free trial version for a while and recently I have decided to buy the full paid version.

We know that keyword research is very important for Internet Marketers, but it can take plenty of your time. There are many good tools around and many of them are free. such as the well known Google External Keyword Tool. However most tools provide only some of the required data and often you need to do many additional searches to complete your analysis. (.e.g.competition)

Market Samurai is definitely the best market research tool I have ever used and is definitely much more then a keyword research tool. Market Samurai will give you a number of complementary tools to investigate any keyword in any market and to track your campaigns.

Back links are very important when it comes to traffic and getting listed and it can be hard and time consuming to get them. With Market Samurai you can also find highly relevant back links for your site.

Moreover with the Market Samurai you will also find highly relevant articles or videos to place on your site. Many times finding quality content can be time consuming but with the Market Samurai you can find high quality articles, pictures and videos in no time. This can save a lot of time.

That’s still not all! with Market Samurai you can also help you to publish articles and blogs straight from Market Samurai. Market Samurai runs without problems both on PC and MAC and, even if it is not officially supported on Linux, I have personally used it on an OpenSuSE Linux installation without any problems.

You can read a full review on Market Samurai at ==> Market Samurai Review

A Video Series on Market Samurai

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